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Corporate Social Responsibility is a topic that is high on the agenda of many organizations, at Baten Promotion this is no different. We believe it is important to do business in a way that respects people, the society and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Baten Promotion
How is Corporate Social Responsibility pursued at Baten Promotion? Due to our good contacts with our suppliers, we can carry out personal checks. Therefore we can assure that our suppliers offer working conditions to their employees that are humane and that meet our standards. Suppliers that allow child labor, do not fit in the vision of Baten Promotion, therefore we will never work with these kind of businesses.

The environment also plays an important role at Baten Promotion. In doing so, we do not work with prohibited materials and the production processes of our promotional products occur in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not only embedded in the production processes, but also in all business activities of Baten Promotion. This allows us to focus on new market opportunities, growth and innovation.

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