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Customized individual promotion

Quality and customization, that is what Baten Promotion stands for. You can come to us for many types of promotional campaigns for your organization. We will talk to you in depth and map out your wishes and thereafter set up a campaign with promotional products that is focused on achieving your goals and that also fits your company completely.

Our workflow
At Baten Promotion, we work according to our own workflow, so we can offer each and every customer the quality that we strive for. First we design an individual idea, based on the conversations with and the wishes of the client. This individual idea is then translated into a model. With the approval of the client, a production sample is made, so that ultimately the promotional products can be produced.

Custom made promotional products
We value a good relationship with our suppliers. Therefore, we visit all of our suppliers personally. In addition, we visit fairs and conferences in the Far East, to keep in contact with suppliers and find new ideas and stay on top of the latest trends in the field of promotional products.

We realize that every client is different and every promotional campaign is aimed at a different goal. Therefore we strive to personalize every promotional campaign. Whether you want to promote a pharmaceutical composition or set up a ‘car-wash-campaign’, we poses the knowledge to make your campaign a success. 

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